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Executive Summary

Once upon a time, the words "data center" described a pretty common facility, regardless of industry or enterprise. Today, however, the words "data center" can describe an overheated small closet in an apartment fed with a T-1 line and reaching a million users a month, all the way to a network of mega-buildings sucking more power than a small city and cooling its gear with the flow of a raging river, serving applications to hundreds of millions of people a day.

What's shocking is how simple and easy it now is to retire those old machines. Even more unexpected is the fact that upgrading your servers and storage can actually save you money, increase your output, reduce your footprint, serve more customers, and vastly increase reliability.

The voracious beast can be safely sent to pasture. A new generation of technology is what makes it all possible. Read on, for this is no fairy tale.

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