Java facilities in processing XML files - JAXB and generating PDF reports

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Executive Summary

Business applications and web applications all have a huge repository of data. These are either structured in databases or created as XML files. XML is special type of language; a Meta mark up language that is used to understand the structure of data. This was the chosen format by many companies because it's very easy to use, store and manipulate databases. The paper explains the working of XML files in conjunction with Java programming languages facilities by using The Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) technology. It is possible to create .pdf files through this manner, because there is a java code that one can use with these XML files. The paper explains the whole process with corresponding examples and has made it easier for the layman to understand. XML language is the most common of all languages that is used in business enterprises. With Java programming called Apache FOP application, working with XML files has been made easier because the data can be extracted from these quickly. The semi-structured data can be tried out on various other applications. This format later represents the source data for several other applications and they can even be used to churn out special reports in .pdf. This way it is possible to get a good and readable standard report. This source data is either gotten through original XML files or it can be the result of a query SELECT-SQL.

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