Joint Frame Synchronization and Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation in Multicarrier Systems

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is an effective technique to combat multipath fading,. In OFDM, the insertion of a guard interval between symbol blocks called Cyclic Prefix (CP) mitigates Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI). OFDM has been adopted as the modulation scheme for a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) system, ADSL (Asymmetry Digital Subscriber Loop) and is also adopted by the IEEE802.11 a standard at the 5-GHz band with data rate up to 54Mb/s. OFDM can also be combined with CDMA (Code-Division Multiple-Access), such as MultiCarrier-CDMA (MC-CDMA) and multicarrier DS-CDMA.

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