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Joint Partial Crosstalk Cancellation and Modified Iterative Water-Filling for Upstream VDSL

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Executive Summary

Far-End CrossTalk (FEXT) is the major limitation to achieve high data-rates in VDSL systems. Full Crosstalk Cancellation (FCC) techniques have been proposed to mitigate the effect of crosstalk. However, these are too complex. Considering the fact that there are only a few strongest cross-talkers, the crosstalk cancellation can be simplified to Line Selection (LS), Tone Selection (TS) and Joint Line-Tone Selection (JLTS) Partial Crosstalk Cancellation (PCC). These all result in much less online complexity. In this paper, the authors propose a new modified JLTS algorithm with significantly lower initialization complexity than the Optimal JLTS (OJLTS) algorithm and approximately with similar performance. Then a novel joint algorithm is presented that combines the multiuser power control technique with the PCC scheme to achieve near the capacity rates.

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