Joint Routing, Scheduling and Power Control For Multihop Wireless Networks With Multiple Antennas

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The authors consider the problem of Joint Routing, Scheduling and Power-control (JRSP) problem for Multi-Hop Wireless Networks (MHWN) with multiple antennas. They extend the problem and a (sub-optimal) heuristic solution method for JRSP in MHWN with single antennas. They present an iterative scheme to calculate link capacities (achievable rates) in the interference environment of the network using SINR model. They, then present the algorithm for solving the JRSP problem. This completes a feasible system model for MHWN when nodes have multiple antennas. They show that the gain they achieve by using multiple antennas in the network is linear both in optimal performance as well as heuristic algorithmic performance.