Joint Source/Channel Coding For wwan Multiview Video Multicast With Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Repair

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WWAN video multicast is challenging because of unavoidable packet losses, and inability to perform retransmission per packet for every user due to the NAK implosion problem. Previously proposed Co-operative Peer-to-peer Repair (CPR) strategy, leveraging on the broadcast nature of wireless transmission and "Uncorrelatedness" of receivers' channels, calls for peers with good WWAN channels to streaming server (rich peers) to locally relay packets lost to peers with bad WWAN channels (poor peers) over a secondary ad-hoc WLAN network. In the Interactive Multiview Video Streaming (IMVS) scenario, however, where users can each periodically select one out of many available views for decoding and display, a poor peer may not have a neighboring rich peer watching the same view for packet recovery via CPR.