Joint Source/Channel Coding of WWAN Multicast Video for A Cooperative Peer-to-Peer Collective using Structured Network Coding

Date Added: Oct 2009
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Because of frequent wireless packet losses and inapplicability of retransmission-based schemes due to the well known NAK implosion problem, providing high quality video multicast over Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) remains difficult. Traditional joint source/channel coding schemes for video multicast optimal bit allocation among source coding and channel coding such as Forward Error Correction (FEC) subject to a bitrate constraint target a chosen nth-percentile WWAN user. Not only is FEC bitwise expensive, users with poorer reception than nth-percentile user suffer substantial channel losses, while users with better reception have more channel coding than necessary, meaning too few bits are devoted for source coding to reduce quantization noise and sub-optimal video quality.