Keeping Mobile Data Flowing: Mobile Data Application Delivery Control

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This paper discusses how Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can prepare their networks for what is likely to be a continually growing demand for mobile data access. It is directed at those managing mobile data services and those that make a living by providing the applications that drive them. Mobile network operators have had to handle an ever-increasing volume of data traffic, driven by users accessing data applications that may not have been written for mobile environments. The extra load from data services is especially hard to manage when there are unexpected peaks in demand. This paper discusses ways for MNOs to gain better control, such as to deploy application delivery controllers to manage mobile data applications and the traffic they generate, optimizing the user experience and minimizing their impact on bandwidth-constrained resources. This paper concludes that the need to access data from mobile devices is only going to increase for the foreseeable future. The one thing MNOs can do when providing access to new mobile data applications is to ensure the application itself, and the traffic it generates, is handled as efficiently as possible. In doing so, MNOs can be more responsive to the wide-ranging demands of their subscribers and ensure that they can, at least, meet expected service levels, if not exceed them.