Language Oriented Programming: The Next Programming Paradigm

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Executive Summary

Ideally, being a computer programmer gives one the freedom to do anything one wants, one has complete freedom and the choice to do anything one wants, but in reality facts show that programmers have very little freedom in doing so. Programmers are restricted because they are heavily restricted due to them being heavily dependent on program infrastructure which they cannot easily change , to coin a few the languages and the environments they use. The way to gain freedom is to reduce the levels of dependency on the operating system. Which in turn gives the operators the freedom they need and thus gaining over lingos and environments. Any general lingo like Java and C++ gives the ability to anything one wants with a computer. This is pretty much true to its word. To achieve independence one needs freedom to create, reuse and modify languages for suitable and compatible environments. Also , for the freedom to be practical it needs to be user friendly and easy to use . Solving this mega- issue of simplicity could be a huge leap for programmers in the development world. If one has a task to perform a simple procedure is followed to execute it. Choosing a language could be amongst the first steps. One produces or rather tries to by writing a complex code or program into the programming language. This programming is the bottle neck & phases problems to the user.

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