Linear Detector Performance in Ill-Conditioned MIMO OFDM Channels

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Executive Summary

This paper investigates the performance of linear detector based receivers in MIMO OFDM systems. Two linear detectors are compared that is: Zero Forcing (ZF) and the Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE). The introduction of interference cancellation will be shown to greatly improve linear detector Bit Error Rates (BER). The performance of one successive interference detector, called the V-Blast, is further evaluated in ill-conditioned channel conditions. This paper investigates performance of MIMO OFDM detectors in a spatially correlated channel so as to enhance Quality of Service (QoS). The Weichselberger channel model with ill-conditioned characteristics will be used in the performance evaluation of the MIMO OFDM detectors. Tikhonov regularization is used to improve the performance of successive interference based detectors.

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