LLL Reduction Achieves the Receive Diversity in MIMO Decoding

Date Added: Jan 2012
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Diversity order is an important measure for the performance of communication systems over MIMO fading channels. In this paper, the authors prove that in MIMO multiple access systems (or MIMO point-to-point systems with V-BLAST transmission), lattice-reduction-aided decoding achieves the maximum receive diversity (which is equal to the number of receive antennas). Also, they prove that the naive lattice decoding (which discards the out-of-region decoded points) achieves the maximum diversity. In the recent years, MIMO communications over multiple-antenna channels has attracted the attention of many researchers. In, a transmission technique called V-BLAST is introduced for high-rate communications over point-to-point MIMO fading channels. VBLAST sends independent symbols over different transmit antennas.