Low Complexity Power Control and Beamforming for Multigroup Multicast MIMO Downlink Channel

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Executive Summary

In this paper, the authors address the problem of joint transmit beamforming and power control with receive beamforming for a multigroup multicast MIMO downlink channel. As receive beamformers, they consider the matched-filter beamformers and the optimal MMSE beamformers. They propose two low complexities transmit strategies and compare them with some known approximations of the solutions to certain max-min problems that are NP-hard. The data rate of each multicast group is determined by the worst-case SINR. To guarantee fairness between different multicast groups, the total power budget is allocated according to some max-min power control scheme. Additionally, they consider SINR-proportional and equal power distribution schemes. Numerical results of the proposed algorithms are presented.

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