LTE - An Optimized OFDMA Solution for Wider Bandwidth Spectrum

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

LTE is an optimized mobile OFDMA solution that continues 3G's track record of mobility and high spectral efficiency. It leverages new and wider bandwidth spectrum to boost data capacity in dense urban areas. 3G and its evolutions will continue to provide ubiquitous broadband coverage outside LTE areas as well as voice services throughout the network. LTE and 3G evolutions provide similar performance as they both leverage the same enhancements. Designed for seamless interoperability with 3G networks and their evolutions, LTE allows operators to capitalize on existing HSPA/EV-DO and future HSPA+/EV-DO Rev. B investments. LTE/3G multimode devices play a pivotal role in LTE deployments. Qualcomm with its industry's first multimode chipset solutions is in a unique position to support timely LTE deployments.