LVDS Flat Panel Display Interface on Intel Desktop Boards

Date Added: Jul 2009
Format: PDF

This paper deals with a standardized flat panel display board connectivity which follows specific implementation. The interface is workable on Intel's' Desktop boards. Building flat panel monitors using Low Voltage Digital Signaling (LVDS) is the current market trend. With the all-in-one system in vogue, the flat panel display has a system integrator option. The flat panel interface makes it easy to offer a number of display panels in one. These Intel Desktop Boards are tested against EMI compliance. The EMI certification is done using standard, off-the-shelf desktop chassis. In the 18 bpp and 24 bpp panels, the compatibility between the two is possible when certain types of the latter operate with the former in a special format. The 18 bpp panel does not support 24 bpp panels on any count. The panel display comes with a series of connectors and jumpers. The LVDS panel connector supports video data, clock, EDID signals and panel logic power. It has 15 twisted pairs of pin in two rows and modified for EMI protection. The control panels work well with different voltage levels. The panel voltage selection is usually 3.3 V, 5V or 12 V. A back lit Inverter power connector works capably to support the inverter and back light lamp. The connector has got 7 pins through each of which passes 2A current.