MAC Enhancements to Support Quality of Services (QoS) in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: EMACA (Enhancement of Multiple Accesses with Collision Avoidance)

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Executive Summary

Ad hoc Wireless Network (AWN) is a collection of mobile hosts forming a temporary network on the fly, without using any fixed infrastructure. QoS (Quality of Service) is the idea that transmission rates, error rates, and other characteristics can be measured, improved, and to some extent guaranteed in advance in ad hoc network. However, in particular concern for the continuous transmission of high bandwidth video and multimedia information this kind of content dependably transmitting is difficult in public networks using ordinary "Best effort" protocols. MACA (Multiple Accesses with Collision Avoidance) Protocol is a Contention based Sender initiated Protocol which uses Three way handshaking means that RTS - CTS - Data packet exchange.

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