Mac OS X Server

Date Added: Sep 2009
Format: PDF

Mac OS X Server Unix Operating System designed by Apple, is efficient in managing work groups and administration software tools. The recent versions have come up with additional tools like web server, wiki server and many more. One can configure other servers to host wikis. The function of Mac OS X Server is to share, collaborate and collect information among various organizations. The host of applications and services involved in it is amazing. One can comment or contribute to wiki, send and receive emails, upload files and images, set up blogs and personal calendars. This paper explains how to set up the wiki services, customize and expand them to suit the varying needs. The paper, divided into several chapters, talks about customizing the way wiki looks and how to use specific protocols. It teaches one how to create wiki content, by editing and backing up necessary information. Wiki is needed for all work groups whether its big or small because all the members in the group are required to work with the same materials. With Mac OS X server, this grouping is done quickly and effectively and communications becomes a cakewalk. Learn how to use this server with wiki by reading this paper.