Mail-SeCure - Anti Phishing Whitepaper

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: PDF

The aim of this paper is an effort to explain in details about importance and use of anti phishing software, Mail SeCure in the growing IT culture. With the increased use of broadband and wireless interconnectivity, it is easy to exchange data and information between various networks. This increasing trend of IT has given rise to phishing that is an attempt to acquire sensitive information from various organizations by fraud. This paper provides details and creates awareness about avoiding phishing with various examples of fraud scams from past. The messages from a fake organization asking for account confirmation or password and credit card number is an example of phishing. This paper gives accurate information about spotting a phishing scam and also talks about the growth of phishing in the last decade. It discusses the advantages, benefits, and requirement of using an anti phishing module, Mail SeCure. Various banks and businesses offer customers the advantage of accessing accounts on the web, which has given rise to email frauds using fake email and websites. The phisher can target any domain or receipt and therefore it is important to use Mail SeCure that provides security and safety to users against such scams. Details about internet scam, fraud, and how to avoid it are all included in this paper.