Making Cents of Tape Vs. Disk: The Complete Guide on What to Choose and Why

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the tape verses disk argument is that there is still an argument. Most storage mediums transition from old to new without even so much as a fuss as the benefit of new media is clearly understood. In some of the cases we can see a clear winner but in other we can't. On one hand, disk provides high speed, highly reliable, random access and online benefit and on the other hand, there is the low speed, low reliability, linear access, offline nature of tape. The winner is clear, right? Although the cost-per-byte stored on tape media is less than disk, it is an isolated figure that gives a very incomplete look at a much larger picture. The choice is even clearer when adding the soft cost to manage tape, the risk of data loss and downtime, performance limitations and the inconvenience of data that is offline. Protection, performance, reliability, management and cost all favor disk storage. And with Nexsan's exclusive AutoMAID power intelligence, online retention of infrequently accessed data is justified, making Nexsan the best choice for disk-to-disk backup.As the pioneer of disk-to-disk backup, Nexsan was the first to understand and deliver the benefit of low-cost disk for the backup environment. As such, Nexsan's unique position in the marketplace has been delivering unparalleled value and leadership to enterprises of every size for over ten years.

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