Managed FTP for Z/OS

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Executive Summary

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) usage in z/OS environments continues to grow, incessantly, both inbound and outbound - albeit with much of these transfers still being unautomated, unregulated, unsecured and unmonitored. Since it is no longer unusual for a mainframe to participate in tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand transfers a day, using FTP, unmanaged, cannot, and should not, be condoned. Unmanaged FTP violates the basic tenets of mainframe operations, compromises the integrity of mission-critical data, unnecessarily depletes mainframe MIPS and undermines enterprise security. Hackers around the world are intimately familiar with all of the foibles of standard FTP. Thus, using standard z/OS FTP without an additional layer of automated, real-time operational management around it creates a glaring.

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