Managing Client E-Mail

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Executive Summary

It is often difficult to manage client e- and undertake select, print, or save messages without any hassles. This paper looks at the different approached of Outlook 2007 to study it as a case or document management software. The paper suggests four simple means by which one can keep their e-mail inbox lean and mean - The built-in capabilities of Outlook 2007; Electronic filing assistants and organizer (Outlook add-ons); Adobe Acrobat; and case or document management software. For anyone who is able to follow all of these, the approaches will help to ensure that they are incorporating client e-mail into the appropriate client digital or paper file. For a string of emails that users share, once the discussion is over, the client's computer folder or subfolder (including e-mail messages) can be stored digitally. The user can also choose to delete the original computer file to free up space on the hard drive. Because e-mail communication has become more prevalent than ever, one must find the right means of filing client messages. All sent and received messages should be filed properly - either digitally or as prints. One must retain them (electronically or in paper form) as one would any correspondence, pleadings, or other client documents. Management advisors of the PLF have the ability to help clients with e-mail management; file organizing; or other office organizational issues.

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