Managing Network Congestion With a Modified Kohonen-Based RED Queue

The robustness of today's Internet depends heavily on the TCP congestion control mechanism. Congestion is a key factor in Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which leads to many researches. Congestion control techniques are extensively used in order to maintain the stability and reliability of the network. One of the important issues in the congestion control study is the Queue management technique employed by the network. An exponential increase in network traffic causes increasing packet loss rates. So, the IETF is considering the deployment of active queue management techniques to stem the increasing packet loss rates. Even though the packet loss rates are reduced in the internet by means of active queue management, the prevention of high loss rates is still a major concern for the present techniques.

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Dec 2010 Format: PDF

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