Maple Windows CE based Thin Client Manual

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Executive Summary

The ET, with access to a DHCP server and an FTP server, can power on and automatically update its firmware version and/or its configuration if newer objects are available on the FTP server. In addition, DHCP can provide various RDP/ICA connection parameters. The ET firmware files are can be retrieved from the WEB or accessed via E-mail. The Configuration files are generated using the WBT SNMP Administrator program. The CE Client terminal emulation program (TermPro) comes with a default font, which supports all languages, the terminal is designed to support. Many fonts are available for free download or purchase on the Internet and other medium. Maple provides for the "Andale32". This font is similar to fonts available on many legacy terminals. Andale32 is a font which looks similar to "Tahoma" and is a san serif, monospace, truetype font. The Client hardware determines whether USB and Serial ports are supported and how many ports are available. Modify the registry on the thin client using the Maple SNMP management software. This paper has a document describing the enhancements made to the CE Thin Clients supporting CE5.

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