Maximized Server Security, Performance and Value

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Executive Summary

These days, with increasingly complex solutions and cybercriminals hiding around every digital corner, security has become as important if not more important than performance. The liability, loss of goodwill, and cost of recovery from a cyber attack makes security a top priority.

In these challenging times, there's a new factor you also need to keep in mind: value. Today, more than ever, getting the most bang for your buck is not just a business desirable, it's an absolute necessity. Technologies like virtualization, shared storage, and smart power can help keep costs down while meeting an ever increasing demand.

Today's performance is more about finding a balance than it is about raw horsepower. When maximizing performance, you'll need to look at the proper balance of CPU cores and technology, virtual machines, network infrastructure, storage architecture, and more.

Read this TechRepublic Editor's Report to learn about the lastest server technology and how it can help your orgianzation become stronger, faster, more flexible and more cost-effective.

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