Maximizing DSL Performance in the Field with Dynamic Line Management

Date Added: Jul 2009
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Dynamic Line Management (DLM) is operational in many Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks worldwide covering various use cases such as network stabilization, open-pipe architecture, service upgrade, and profile grooming. In this paper, the authors present the results of a 30 day field trial of the 5530 Network Analyzer DLM (R6.1) on over 1000 DSL lines in a live ADSLx network. A vast improvement in throughput for IPTV lines was proven, while maintaining the service stability. The data rate performance of the IPTV lines was increased by 30%, which allows offering an additional SDTV channel or the replacement of a SDTV by a HDTV channel. For the HSIA lines, DLM realized an improved service stability without degrading the data rate.