Maximizing Server Performance and Reliability

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Executive Summary

Server optimization is essential for a consolidated infrastructure that will reduce almost every data center resource you care about including time, money, space and staff. Of course, optimization and consolidation require a fair amount of virtualization and while any provisioned server can host a virtual machine, achieving the full benefit requires hardware that is purpose-built for the demands of virtualization. In most cases, that means manageable, cost-effective server hardware with heavy-duty processing and memory resources and multiple network connections.

This TechRepublic white paper explains the practical requirements necessary for Maximizing Server Performance and Reliability to meet the day-to-day requirements such as server capacity, virtual machine (VM) demands and network connections:

  • Learn about the types of hardware that will support the capacity of both physical and virtual servers;
  • Explore the next generation of servers and how they could reduce your physical server footprint from 100 servers to 20 servers or fewer;
  • Gain a better understanding of the personnel and staffing required to manage a virtualized infrastructure.
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