Mean Mutual Information Per Coded Bit Based Precoding in MIMO-OFDM Systems

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Executive Summary

MIMO-OFDM is a spectrum-efficient technology and has been incorporated into many of the wireless standards such as IEEE 802.11, WiMaX and 3GPP LTE. The packaged technologies in standardized MIMO-OFDM systems also include Error Control Coding (ECC) and BICM. In general, ECC is required to achieve frequency diversity across the OFDM subcarriers. Also ECC can be used to achieve the spatial diversity even for spatial multiplexing when the coded bits are transmitted across the transmit antennas (this is the so called vertical encoding). ECC thus helps to improve the link robustness against fading, interference and noise. To bridge ECC and modulation, a popular paradigm, i.e., BICM is used, which randomizes the encoded bit sequence by interleaving before modulation.

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