Measurable & Scalable NFRs Using Fuzzy Logic and Likert Scale

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Executive Summary

Most of the research related to Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) have presented NFRs frameworks by integrating non functional requirements with functional requirements while the authors proposed that measurement of NFRs is possible e.g. cost and performance and NFR like usability can be scaled. The novel hybrid approach integrates three things rather than two i.e. Functional Requirements (FRs), Measurable NFRs (M-NFRs) and Scalable NFRs (S-NFRs). They have also found the use of Fuzzy Logic and Likert Scale effective for handling of discretely measurable as well as scalable NFRs as these techniques can provide a simple way to arrive at a discrete or scalable NFR in contrast to vague, ambiguous, imprecise, noisy or missing NFR.

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