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Measuring Success in the Data Center: Why PUE Is Not Enough by Itself

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Executive Summary

The only way in which an organization can measure success in the data center and have effective data center management is by creating metrics. As each and every organization is different and needs a specific approach, it becomes essential for them to make use of effective data center management to access, track and manage the efficiency of their facilities and drive business change. This paper proposes various key performance indicators that can play an essential role in the measurement of data center environment on an organization. In the past few years Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) has been used at large for determining the gross performance of data center electrical and mechanical systems. Most data center managers like to use PUE because it is easy to understand and gives them numbers. Lower going numbers are always better. But the questions as to what numbers are best for a user cannot be answered by PUE alone. An organization must set up specific IT performance indicator to get those answers. For instance, a manufacturing company needs a specific metric to measure its profitability as compared to a company that works with financial transactions. Therefore, in order to meet your organization's needs measurements on the enterprise management side needs to be done in a rigorous and consistent manner.

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