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Media Business Intelligence: 10 Key Benefits Plus 6 Popular KPIs

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Executive Summary

Media BI can be described as a perfect and fast strategic decision support tool that any media enterprise can employ today. It enables instant access to accurate, current, corporate-wide media data that can facilitate competitive innovation and drive media business transformations. The challenge faced by media corporations today are tremendous and without the ability for media executives to have timely access to business answers based on business analytical facts, a media enterprise cannot be responsive to the changing needs and growing demands in the market. Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of seeking information and knowledge to enable quality decisions and informed actions by the organization to achieve its business goals. Thus BI is used to gain powerful insights, obtain knowledge and predicts aspects of a specific business situation that would have been hitherto unattainable or hard to get. BI offers ten key benefits to media enterprises, like for instance, The BI Employee Connection, Better Decision Making, 24/7 Access to Accurate Information, Corporate Wide Analysis Views, etc. There would be many unique advantages to Media Corporations, large or small in establishing BI system as it would include for them the benefits of consultancy from the best industry experts and enable them to achieve fast and tangible results at a highly economical cost.

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