Meeting DO-178B Software Verification Guidelines With Coverity Integrity Center

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

Development organizations that create safety-critical airborne software systems must have the systems approved for use by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA recognizes DO-178B as an acceptable means of compliance for securing the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) approval of software in airborne systems and equipment. Created by RTCA, Inc., this standard provides guidelines for determining that the software aspects of airborne systems and equipment comply with airworthiness requirements. Many of the guidelines in the Software Verification and Software Lifecycle Data section of this standard can be supported with the use of the Coverity Integrity Center, a software analysis solution used to find critical defects throughout the software development life cycle. This paper discusses how the Coverity Integrity Center can help with specific software verification guidelines as outlined in DO-178B.