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Memory Subsystem Profiling with the Sun Studio Performance Analyzer

Date Added: Jul 2009
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Upgrade procedures in this paper are specifically tailored for each of the deployment models in the contact center test environment, since each of the sites includes different components. There are three kinds of upgrade strategies for contact center components, which include Single-stage Upgrade, the Multistage Upgrade and Multisite Migration. Single-stage Upgrade is recommended for small single-site or multisite installations. Multistage System Upgrade is recommended for medium or large single-site and medium multisite installations. And Multisite Migration is used to upgrade large, multisite contact center installations to the Cisco Unified Communications release set using the Multisite Migration upgrade strategy. The single-stage upgrade process is recommended for small single-site/multisite installations and can be performed in a single maintenance window. This enables one to upgrade all the components in a brief period of time with no loss of functionality. A Multistage System upgrade is the recommended approach for medium/large single-site and medium multisite installations. In this upgrade process, components are grouped together for upgrading in several stages or maintenance windows. Within each maintenance window, there is a recommended order for upgrading each component. The grouping of the components into the stages may vary depending on the size of the networks being upgraded. For smaller networks, one or more separate maintenance windows may be collapsed into a single maintenance window.