Metadata Interoperability for Cataloguing of E-Journals : A Comparative Study of LIBSYS, MARC21, AND CONSER

Here is a comparative study of LIBSYS, MARC21, and CONSER to present the concept of metadata interoperability for cataloguing of e-journals. Any digital library includes data and metadata that describe various aspects of the digital record. Digital record consists of links or relationships to other data or metadata, which can be both internal and external to the digital library. Metadata allow for richer searching than would be possible using standard free-text indexing. Through metadata, users are able to search on a number of fields including Author, Title and Description. Through metadata, use of data incorporated in the digital object or text can be expanded further. It also makes it possible to integrate with different kinds of metadata. Aptly called 'Data about data', metadata is information about an electronic resource which may be embedded in the resource. It gives much more than just a description. The paper gives information about the three main types of metadata. These are descriptive metadata; structural metadata; and administrative metadata. The Libsys metadata is programmed to help in ordering receiving loose issues, recording bound volumes of journals in print medium that can be converted to e- Journal recording. This MARC21 framework allows users to work with MARC data in ways specific to their needs while to CONSER assists in converting manual serial cataloging into machine-readable records.

Provided by: Indian Institute of Science Topic: Data Management Date Added: May 2010 Format: PDF

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