Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and EMC Documentum: The Benefits of Integration for Content Management Solutions

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

This paper examines the integration option from two basic standpoints. Firstly, for a MOSS environment, it examines how the addition of EMC Documentum can provide extended compliant archive and retention services. Secondly, the more general case is examined of an organisation with a modicum of compliance overhead whose normal daily operations result in a mix of collaborative documents being produced, which ultimately lead to the creation of master documents of significant business value. These documents, it is proposed, should reside in the Documentum repository (with all associated benefits relating to management of the information lifecycle), while all correlating information, e.g. drafts, meetings, emails, blogs, reviews, project plans etc, should be created and managed within the familiar productivity landscape represented by the Microsoft Office Suite.