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Microsoft, PHP, and Open Source: A Pragmatic Alliance

Date Added: Jul 2009
Format: PDF

How does one develop an application in PHP using the Zend Framework and Oracle database? This paper discusses the Zend Framework, which is an open source framework for PHP. This framework is particularly useful with PHP-based web applications and comes with various tools to assist the developer. The aim of this paper is to help users understand how to install the Zend Framework with an HR example. The example and explanations help one to become aware of some of the basic functions and components of the Zend framework. Although the application mentioned is a rough example, the paper follows it up with further explanations and reasoning on making Zend more favorable and usable. The paper discusses how to map URLs to controllers and action methods. An example of a small application has been provided in the paper that includes names of all the employees from an HR record that need to be listed. The paper also explains how a structured PHP application can be built using Zend Framework. Standard naming conventions are used which can help newbies to get used to the process in a much easier way. Zend Technologies is a leading provider of services and products of PHP applications. The paper provides ample examples on using the framework, and especially suggests how a structured PHP application can be built with the assistance of the Zend framework.