Migrating From Solaris 9 Enterprise on Sun Fire V440 With Bind 8.3.3 to Solaris 10 Enterprise on Dell PowerEdge R900 With Bind 9.3.5-P1

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Executive Summary

The Dell PowerEdge R900 is an excellent server for upgrading critical Domain Name Service (DNS) servers from BIND 8 running on Solaris 9 to BIND 9 running on Solaris 10. This Migration Guide reviews the approach that Principled Technologies (PT) and Dell recommend for a tested and validated migration of BIND 8 DNS servers to BIND 9 on the Dell PowerEdge R900 server and Solaris 10. The PowerEdge R900 will also deliver far greater performance. In some of its testing, the PowerEdge R900 delivered a 45.5 percent increase over the performance of the Sun Fire V440.

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