Migrating Lotus Notes Applications to Google Apps

Date Added: Jul 2009
Format: PDF

Many companies today are moving from the legacy Lotus Notes platform to a cloud-based solution such as Google Apps. During this migration process, organizations are required to plan various strategies for user information, mail, calendar, contact data, applications, and associated data. For smooth transition, the companies need to classify this migration correctly. This becomes more important in case of Notes applications, which tend to vary widely on multiple dimensions. This paper presents many such migration strategies that can be used with Notes applications and their associated data. The paper also helps users to determine if and how to migrate this functionality to the Google Apps platform. For this, guidelines to support decision-making around migrating specific applications and associated data, based on usage patterns has also been presented in this paper. Along with this, the paper also reviews the different components of Google Apps, which will serve as targets for migrating applications into the Apps platform. Various strategies for performing those migrations have also been taken up in the paper. A powerful, extensible and cloud-based application platform, Google Apps has been programmed to enable a software-as-a-service platform for email, calendar, contacts, office productivity and employee applications. The application also supports the implementation of custom line-of-business applications.