Migrating to Windows 7?: What You Need to Know About User Settings

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This paper aims to compare and explain in details about the migration process of shifting from Windows XP and Vista to Windows 7. It discusses the importance of user setting migration and the points that need to be kept in mind while upgrading an operating system to a new window. Windows 7 is designed to be the latest update to Windows Vista. This paper suggests the easiest ways of moving from Windows XP and Vista to Windows 7. It gives all steps and elements that are required about end-user settings. This paper talks about all things that need to be kept in mind for a successful migration without disturbing end-user productivity. The profiles between two upgrading operating systems are always incompatible. With the boon in IT industry, almost all organizations require controlling the use of user workspace management platform for getting the automation that is required for the operating system's upgrades. It is easy and simple to install and uninstall Windows if all ideas and elements are kept in mind. This paper also talks about RES software and RES PowerFuse 2008. RES PowerFuse provides personalized desktop with personalized settings for various Window systems that can increase end-user productivity through major changes such as desktop migration.