MIMO-Assisted Channel-Based Authentication in Wireless Networks

Date Added: Sep 2009
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MIMO or Multi-Input Multiple-Output techniques are the next big future of wireless systems. MIMO are used for multiplexing and a MIMO-assisted, channel-based authentication is able to use existing channel estimation mechanisms. This scheme makes use of multiple antennas that are able to provide an extra dimension of channel estimation data. This leads to enhanced security when compared to a single-input single-output system. As wireless networks become the order of the day, most of these systems are unable to take on client traffic in a secure manner. Unless these wireless systems employ cryptographic tools, they are unable to identify clients in a secure manner. This concern has added to security concerns that have always been associated with wireless networks. Spoofing attacks are one of the common ones associated with an intrusion of wireless networks. In this case a malicious device attempts to claim a client's identity by pretending to be them. This paper discusses the several advantages that MIMO provides in terms of security. These gains are available for different configurations with the deployment of simulations for specific real indoor environments. This is done using ray-tracing software. The paper also delves on the effect of increasing the number of transmit and receiver antennas with security gain. Therefore, this paper looks at how one can conduct authentication at the lowest layer in the entire rung.