MIMO Free-Space Optical Communication Employing Subcarrier Intensity Modulation in Atmospheric Turbulence Channels

Date Added: Jun 2009
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This paper analyse the error performance of transmitter/receiver array Free-Space Optical (FSO) communication system employing Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) Subcarrier Intensity Modulation (SIM) in clear but turbulent atmospheric channel. Subcarrier modulation is employed to eliminate the need for adaptive threshold detector. Direct detection is employed at the receiver and each subcarrier is subsequently demodulated coherently. The effect of irradiance fading is mitigated with an array of lasers and photodetectors. The received signals are linearly combined using the optimal Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC), the Equal Gain Combining (EGC) and the Selection Combining (SelC). The Bit Error Rate (BER) equations are derived considering additive white Gaussian noise and log normal intensity fluctuations.