MinimaxV4 GPS Performance - Sprints

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The validity and bias of Catapults MinimaxV4 was quantified for short sprint efforts that are characteristic of many team sports. A key application for minimax is quantifying movement patterns based on game demands. This enables sports specific conditioning and recovery programs to be developed based on a needs analysis of an athlete's sport, team playing style and position. Minimax rowing has been a mainstay of Australian rowing for several years now. Every national squad uses the technology in training, and it's even used in world cup/Olympic competition. All courses began with a standing start and ended with a standing stop, giving a clear indication in the data file. This approach is preferable to using zero velocity as a start marker in the data and a completely different method for detection the finish line. The data was analyzed using the LoganPlus software package v4.3.0. Validity was estimated by evaluating the standard deviation of percentage errors from the criterion distance. Bias was determined by subtracting the criterion distance from the GPS estimated distance and then dividing the difference score by the criterion distance. This paper shows that MinimaxV4 is Catapult's new generation GPS platform with ball tracking, and also underlines successive generations of athlete tracking technology continue to make improvements in the ability of the technology to detect small changes in performance associated with typical team sports.