Data Centers

Minimizing Data Center Cooling and Server Power Costs

Date Added: Jun 2009
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Data centers have been often accused of high power consumption used for running of information technology equipment and for air conditioning. The paper focuses on total data center power optimization through a mathematical problem formulation along with an efficient algorithm to bring down the total data center power cost to a minimum.The paper is divided into six sections, wherein the background information, the data center power model used in this paper, the optimization problem and the solution approach and simulation results are being taken up in section 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. The conclusion is arrived at in Section 6. This paper particularly addresses the server consolidation, the on/off state assignment along with the task assignment. A mathematical problem formulation has been worked out in the paper to achieve total data center power optimization. An efficient algorithm further aims at minimizing the total data center power cost, i.e., server plus cooling power dissipations. An optimum supplied cold air Temperature Value (Ts) is chosen to reduce the cooling power while the server power is reduced by appropriately assigning incoming tasks to different servers. The proper Voltage Frequency (v-f) level for each server is set depending on what type of task it is running. The conclusion arrived at through the experimental results show an average of 13% power saving for different data center utilization rates.