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Minimizing Delay for Video Conference with Network Coding

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Executive Summary

Video conference is an attractive and promising application that allows immersive communication and discussion among people at deferent and distant places. However, its stringent delay and bandwidth requirements limit the scale and spread over current Internet. This paper introduces a network coding algorithm for video conferencing systems to minimize the maximal transmission delay during multicast while retaining high throughput at the same time. The simulation results show that the proposed network coding scheme can reduce delay by 10% to 20% compared with ordinary multicast. The objective of this paper is to investigate whether and how determined network coding scheme could improve the metric of delay comparing with multicast under the same throughput achievement. This paper introduces determined network coding into video conferencing to minimize delay and maintain high throughout, which are two crucial factors impacting its quality. The algorithm proposed in this paper can be applied to many other interactive multimedia applications in addition to video conferencing. One straightforward way to solve the proposed optimization is to traverse across algebraically closed field for each element in the triplets. However, such exponential time computation is unbearable when the number of node increases. The experimental results demonstrate that network coding is quite useful under challenging condition of more receivers and high throughput requirement. The future now lies in interaction between multiple multicast sessions.

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