Mis-Configured Systems Steal Productivity and IT Budget

Date Added: Jan 2010
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This paper highlights to the fact that how free tools are not enough even if they are from Microsoft and at the same time how consistent and streamlined configuration saves onto a lot of money. It is a well known fact that laptop configurations along with managing server help in the reduction of customer care calls. It also improves the productivity. With Shavlik NetCHK configure one would experience easy and fast on ramp which would help the business to get up and hit the right chord within 30 minutes. The free tool provided by Microsoft like the Group Policy objects also lacks the right kind of efficiency. One of the drawbacks of GPO is that it lacks the art of reporting. With Shavlik one gets to experience a lot of difference in the entire process. The time that Shavlik takes to show results is far lesser as compared to some of its counterparts. The implementation is done on a faster rate. One would start to realize the real value of configuration within a span of few days rather than weeks or many be even months. Shavlik is easy to administer as well as easy to manage. The introduction of centralized management means that the staff can invest their valuable time in some other constructive engagement which would further lead to more productivity.