MobiCom 2009 Poster: Wireless Network Coding and Concurrent MAC: Are These Approaches Complementary?

Date Added: May 2010
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The IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol precludes the possibility of concurrent transmissions by two neighboring nodes. There have been some MAC proposals such as CMAP for enabling concurrent transmissions. Wireless network coding schemes like COPE convey more information in one transmission by coding multiple packets together. Both CMAP and COPE have been shown to perform significantly better than 802.11 MAC without coding. The question the authors are intrigued by is, are these schemes complementary?, i.e., when deployed together will the performance gain approach the sum of their individual gains? They compare the relative performance of a COPE-like wireless network coding scheme (which they termWiNC) on top of CMAP-like concurrent MAC scheme (which they term CMAC) against that on 802.11, i.e., WiNC/CMAC against WiNC/802.11.