Mobile Expense Management - Taking the Big Picture View

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This paper addresses the rising costs of mobile phone expenses for organizations, especially when faced with high usage while roaming. This problem is complex, especially for organizations that span across countries or those that use multiple suppliers within one country. Organizations need to effectively manage and analyze their mobile costs in a way that does not undermine the value of mobile flexibility. Businesses have to ensure that mobile phone usage costs are not excessive, disproportionate or incorrectly levied. However, organizations do not have a clear picture of their actual mobile spend; departmental costs might not match the national set budget or their boundaries may be inaccurately allocated. This hidden expense has often gone unnoticed; organizations need to collate the data on employee mobile phone usage, and match usage goals with the person using the device. This paper addresses issues for multi-national companies in setting a central mobile phone usage strategy. It concludes that companies need to measure their mobile phone projects in a systematic manner in order to get a large-scale picture of the problem. The main difficulty is that the information is poorly captured and analyzed. Finally, this paper offers recommendations to companies on means to improve their mobile phone usage costs.