Mobile Sales Force Automation

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

Effectively managing customer information is crucial to business success. Customer Information Systems need to be user-friendly, allowing efficient customer connectivity and sales processes management. The paper offers a deeper understanding of this challenge in the context of a deployment of such software amongst a large group of sales representatives. The challenge being that these sales representatives need to transmit orders relating to various communication carriers to the central office. The paper discusses how many of these sales representatives had relatively lower computing skills and may have also needed multiple languages on the system's interface. Selecting the right software is important in facilitating success factors. It needs to be robust and the vendor needs to understand the specific and complex need. The paper suggests that Sales Supervisor may be a good choice. This has been developed to meet ISO standards, is Microsoft certified, and complies with Microsoft's back office standards as well as mobile pen computing. It describes Sales Supervisor as one that can integrate with back office systems using well-defined file transfer standards. It suggests that this can either be stand along or purchased in a hosted model. The paper goes on to discuss the positive associations made with a sales process that is computerized. The paper supports its recommendation by comparing the Sales Supervisor with PDA order capture systems and others.