Mobile Satellite Services - On the Edge of "a Renaissance

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Mobile Satellite Services, or MSS, that sometime pie-in-the-sky industry that has made so many promises (Seamless Communications Anywhere!) has so often been on the edge - the edge of capability, the edge of coverage, the edge of innovation, the edge of inspiration and megalomania and too often at the edge of bankruptcy and rationality. Now, with so much subscriber and revenue growth and so many promising recent events in the industry - new constellations being built (Globalstar, ORBCOMM), new satellites launched (TerreStar, Inmarsat) or soon to be launched (SkyTerra), successful financial transactions closed (Iridium, GlobalStar) and high-profile agreements being struck (TerreStar with AT&T, Skyterra with Harbinger), and well over a million and a half subscribers in the industry.