Monitoring Performance Using the WebLogic Diagnostics Framework

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The WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) offers various services and APIs that are designed to provide the capacity to collect and surface metrics, which provides visibility into server and application performance. Server and application performance data can be collected from Oracle WebLogic Server. WDLF services are used for a range of monitoring activities including monitoring for SLA violations, monitoring CPU load, graphing method and MBean data, and finding bottleneck methods. The instrumentation and Watch and Notification framework mentioned here provides an easy way of viewing and controlling the performance of an application. Signal alerts based on criteria can define various standard communication technologies. The other features of WLDF include Harvester that provides complete current and historical picture of the sever environment. WLDF Dashboard console extension offers a flexible way to visualize the data. It builds custom collections of charts to graph both WLS Runtime MBean and WLDF Instrumentation Data. The instrumentation framework of WLDF can be used to instrument sever and application classes at the byte code level with diagnostic code or monitors in WLDF parlance. It also features archives that contain produced diagnostic data with log files, collected MBean metrics, and generated instrumentation events. The history of server and application performance is maintained by WLDF archive. The test application used in this paper is MedRec application that is available with a sample WLDF configuration.