Monopole Triple Band Circular Patch Antenna Using Defected Ground Structure for IMT 2000/UMTS/ WLAN/WiMAX Applications

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This paper presents a circular patch multiband monopole microstrip antenna using DGS (Defected Ground Structure) technique. In this monopole multiband antenna L-shaped defects are inserted into both sides of ground plane of patch antenna forming a defected ground structure. The antenna exhibits three simulated bands and impedance bandwidth of lower frequency band is 0.73 GHz from 1.91 to 2.64 GHz, the middle frequency band is 1.06 GHz from 2.84-3.92 GHz and upper frequency band is of 0.56 GHz from 5.45-6.01 GHz. The various characteristic parameters like S-parameters, gain, current distribution and radiation pattern are studied. The proposed antenna is suitable for UMTS/WLAN/WiMAX and partial IMT-2000 applications. The compact size antenna using DGS technique is simulated using IE3D software.