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More New PL/SQL Features

Date Added: Jun 2009
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New features and tools were introduced to improve the application performance of the Oracle Database 11g. Automatic Subprogram Inlining and Native Compilation Method are the two processes being discussed in this paper. Automatic subprogram inlining is an optimization process that replaces procedure calls with a copy of the body of the procedure. As a result, automatic subprogram inlining was able to reduce the overhead associated with calling subprograms while leaving the original source code in its modular state. When used with Oracle Database 11g, the PL/SQL compiler automatically identifies the subprograms that should be inlined and then do the inlining. This process of subprogram inlining is controlled by the PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL parameter and the INLINE pragma. Replacing a subprogram call with a copy of the called subprogram thus, improved the performance of the program. As the earlier versions of PL/SQL, native compilation required developers to translate PL/SQL code to C code, the new version of the PL/SQL does not required a C compiler to be present on both the development and production servers. Native compilation in Oracle Database 11g was programmed to transform the machine code precursor directly to the required platform-specific machine code. The result was that PL/SQL programs using native compilation in Oracle Database 11g were able to run much faster than PL/SQL programs using native compilation in Oracle Database 10g.